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Acceptable Use Policy
Acceptable Use Policy
phpBB-Host.org provides a free service so that you can use a phpBB Forum without paying a cent. However, we cannot check everysingle page for illegal and/or unacceptable content. Therefore we dont not take responsibility for files on user sites. phpBB-Host reserves the right to remove any file that are deemed inappropriate by Staff Members. The users of phpBB-Host are solely responsible for files contained on their site.

phpBB-Host.org reserves the right to delete a users account at any time, without notice or reason. We may also delete any materials that are harmful to its business, or any of it's users. phpBB-Host.org provides free phpBB Forums, and web-space, but we do not guarantee the reliability of data or information. phpBB-Host.org is not responsible for any problem with your account on phpBB-Host's servers, no matter what the circumstances.

phpBB-Host.org is not responsible for anything that is placed in your personal, user directory on our servers. You take complete sole responsibility for all files and content in your personal directory on our servers.

Unacceptable content/behavior:
1. Pornography, copyrighted material, warez, or anything piracy related, or anything else we consider unacceptable.
2. Links to graphy, copyrighted material, warez, anything piracy related, or anything else we consider unacceptable.
3. Using your phpBB-Host account as a fileserver/image server. (By "fileserver" we mean a site with the majority of files being non-html.)
4. Having more than one phpBB-Host account.
5. Sites that promote "spam," mail fraud schemes, or contain "Ad-farms."
6. You are not permitted to place your own adverts or advertisements on your board.
7. Content that is found to be discriminatory.
8. Any other content that is found to be unacceptable by phpBB-Host Staff.


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